8th April 2018

I have just looked out at the market place where the stallholders are busy setting up.  It was a bigger market last week and today looks even larger.   It’s lovely to see all the market traders coming back – it’s great to be greeted as a friend by many of them.    Strawberries are still on sale at the extortionate price of £1.68 a kilo – eat your hearts out in the UK!

I mentioned some time ago that there was a rumour that the Dice Bar was closing and the Harbourmaster and Customs offices would be taking over the site.   We saw a friend the other day who is quite heavily involved with the sailing community here and he also confirms that this will happen this year.   He also reckons that there may well be a ferry from Gocek direct to Rhodes – that would be absolutely fantastic.   Watch this space!!

Those of you who own property here in Turkey might find this article from the YellAli website of interest (CLICK HERE) It certainly seems to offer an easier alternative to the current bureaucracy.

The Gocek Animal Association held an event at the Natural restaurant last week which appears to have been well attended.   There are some great photos in this Fethiye Times article (CLICK HERE) They have over 200 dogs at the shelter now – so sad.

We only have ten days now before we go back to the UK for our usual spring break.   I always have mixed feelings about this – although it is great to go back for a short while, catch up with family and friends …..and go to Waitrose….it is such a lovely time of year here that I hate to miss it.   Still, we shall soon be back.