8th July 2018

Summer has definitely arrived – the temperatures have been around 39 for the last few days.  Next week it should be a bit cooler, thank goodness.   Even the nights have been warm.  How would we manage without air conditioning?

Whenever my family come out to Gocek, we always end up at places we have never visited before.   We had lunch the other day at Korfez restaurant, between the Limon and Kebab Hospital.   We were impressed with the variety on the menu and our meals were excellent.   Great service too and Adem speaks good English.

I recently received an email regarding driving licences in Turkey.   You may find it interesting.

Thanks Ryan for bringing this example to our attention.  After years of laissez faire, the Polis now appear to be interpreting the driving licence laws more strictly.

Sat 30 June 22:30
“We were pulled over in the Patara carpark this afternoon. They fined me 400tl for not having a translation paper from my English driving licence. They said its now mandatory to have one from the Noter.” Ryan

Well, what can I say? For about the past 10 years I have been regularly circulating the problems about driving with an EU Licence in Turkey. So, for fear of being called a nag…

This website gives a good summary of the requirements: https://yellali.com/blogs/article/512/converting-a-foreign-driving-licence-into-a-turkish-one and https://yellali.com/blogs/article/368/drivers-license-impact-consequences-for-not-changing-your-license. But note that some sites say that you should get a Turkish Licence within only 90 days of being resident in the country. Your choice.

In previous circulations I had said that you need to have an official translation of a foreign licence and even an International Driving Permit if your licence does not have photo-id. But don’t believe me! See here https://www.turkeytribune.com/love-turkey/live-in-turkey/driving-in-turkey/

I would also recommend that you keep a photocopy of your passport and it’s notarised translation with your car papers. Turkish Law states that you must carry ID at all times. A resident’s permit (ikamet) is OK, but, to be safe, also take a copy of your passport. If you are travelling on a Tourist visa it is wise to carry your actual passport at all times. In theory, if you only have a Tourist Visa, you should also have a translation of your driving licence if you hire a car, but I have never heard of any genuine tourist being fined for this yet. But if you are a villa owner visiting often, using 90 day Tourist visas, then I would make sure that you have either a notarised official translation of your driving licence or an International Driving Permit, if you either own, borrow or hire a car.

I recently included a report on the suspension of trading for the charity FIG.   I am delighted to hear that the charity shop in Fethiye is still open and trading as usual.   Great news.