8th October 2017

We have just had three hours of torrential rain – yes, I know it is October but this is Turkey!

With Christmas on the horizon, I was interested to read that archaeologists may have found the remains of St Nicholas in Myra (CLICK HERE).  That’s fine as long as Santa Claus still comes down the chimney on Christmas Eve!

I mentioned last week that it was possible that the clocks would change here at the end of the month.  I understand that this won’t be happening so from the end of October we shall be 3 hours ahead of the UK.

When I came across this article in Hurriyet Daily News about the import of tomatoes from Turkey to Russia, I really thought it was a hoax (CLICK HERE). Obviously I was wrong.

I came across this article in Fethiye Times (which I missed when it was published in the summer) (CLICK HERE) It’s a bit travelogueish (if there is such a word) but quite interesting whether you know our lovely town or not.  

In fact the town is still surprisingly busy even though the season is coming to an end.   Still quite a lot of yachts in the marinas and people in the shops.  Let’s hope the weather stays reasonable – the town still needs as much business as it can get.