9th April 2017 

We have been back in the UK for three days now and I am already feeling homesick.   We had a reasonable journey back.   Having been told by Easyjet to get to the airport 3 hours early, checkin didn’t open until 2 hours before the flight!   We finally got to the checkin desk and handed our documents in, only to suddenly be told that that desk wasn’t working so we had to move to a different one!   After that though, all went smoothly.  The security measures at the departure gate were thorough, all items in our hand luggage checked, hand luggage and our hands swabbed…but I would rather be safe.   It was a bit of a pain not having my iPad on the plane….but we managed!

Apparently there is a new English TV channel available now (CLICK HERE).  I haven’t watched it myself but might be worth a try.

I came across this article about changes to the SGK charges for Turkish citizens.  (CLICK HERE).  It also mentions possible changes to the charges for foreign nationals with Residency Permits.

I must say England is beautiful at the moment.   The weather has been surprisingly warm since we got back, although the nights are still around 4 degrees. The Somerset countryside is absolutely glorious and we are looking forward to a few trips out and about while we are here.