9th July 2017

Another very hot week here in Gocek.   The temperature reached 41 on a couple of days and it’s even 25 at night.   As I have said many times before, thank goodness for aircon.

I went into town very early the other morning (while it was still fairly cool) and took a wander down from the square to the sea front (the street with lots of lanterns).   I was surprised to find that Gocek Waffles has opened.   I understand that Waffle shops are very popular now in the UK – I am obviously out of touch.   I will have a look next time and see exactly what it sells.

I had to smile at this article in Hurriyet Daily News (although I know it is really a serious subject). (CLICK HERE).  It doesn’t seem very sensible to try to open a cannon ball with a saw!!!

The town is fairly busy although the visitors are mainly Turkish.   We do see a few coaches unloading people for boat trips so at least there is some activity.   All the holiday resorts on this stretch of coast seem to be suffering still.

We are off for a 3 night stay at our favourite Hotel Canada next week – I hope it might be a bit cooler.