9th October 2016 

We had a lovely minibreak this week at Hotel Canada in Cirali.   This is about the eighth time we have stayed at this hotel and once again, we were given a warm welcome – it felt like coming home again.

We visited the Museum in Antalya for the first time.   A very well laid out museum with lots of interesting exhibits but it is the largest museum in Turkey and there are only so many statues and artifacts you can admire before you get all glazed.  Still, I’m glad we went and it is certainly worth a second visit maybe in a couple of years!

We also visited the ancient city of Perge.   We tried to find it when we were in the area in April but the satnav let us down as it didn’t recognize any of the new roads in Antalya!   We cracked it this time by ignoring any references to roundabouts and just going straight on along the new road!   Perge was very disappointing.   It was obviously a huge city but I have never seen so many pillars sticking up without any sign of buildings.   Obviously a lot of important stuff is now in the Antalya museum but after a 2 hour drive there, there wasn’t an awful lot to see.   I think we have been spoiled, after seeing so many magnificent sites in Turkey – we are getting picky!!

I am sorry to see that Macrocenter in town is closing for the winter.   We have enjoyed shopping  in the Gocek Waitrose – now it’s back to Migros and Kipa again.

We are off on our travels again today now the weather is a bit cooler.  We are going up to the Dardanelles with a couple of friends.   We have been before along the north side of the site but this time I think we shall explore the Gallipoli side which will be interesting.

Read all about it next week!