9th September 2018

Goodbye to fleeces, trousers, socks etc. We are back in the sunshine – a very comfortable temperature of around 29 degrees – hooray!

We had our first experience of the new arrivals section at Dalaman airport.   A vast improvement on Departures.   We only queued for 10 minutes at passport control (although the airport was busy) and our luggage came through only a few minutes after we arrived at the carousel.   However, be warned, once you are outside the terminal building, it is absolutely manic.   You are faced with a sweep of steps leading down to the carpark – ideal for lugging down heavy suitcases!   There are no signs to tell you that there is a small ramp quite a walk to the right but thank goodness, the friends who met us knew all about it.   The carpark is certainly not big enough for all the vehicles, particularly as cars, coaches and minibuses are all in the same area.   Hope they have the sense to do something about it before next season.

However, the town is still quite busy and the gulets still seem to have their fair share of passengers.

Although we have visited Antalya on many occasions, we have never seen the sea of carpets described in this article in Daily Sabah (CLICK HERE).  It’s definitely on the list for our next visit.

I am still trying to get my head around the amazing currency conversion rate at the moment.   For the past few months (if not longer) I have worked on the basis that 250tl equals £50.  I am now getting 400tl!   Things are a little more expensive, not surprisingly.   It’s ok for us expats but not so good for the Turkish people….and electricity is going up too!