A Life in Göcek

Hi, my name is Val Dickson and my husband Pete and I have been coming to Göcek on holiday since 2001.  We have decided to spend a considerable part of the year in this lovely town and these short articles are a record of some of our experiences in moving from holidaymakers to residents. I can be contacted via email at valandpete.dickson@gmail.com or by mobile on 0539 465 5709

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12th November 2017

This has been an incredibly noisy week here in Gocek.  We have had sirens on 10th November commemorating the death of Ataturk, a very noisy wedding in the market place on Friday and last night, fireworks and spotlights down in the town.   It’s definitely wedding time here, almost every day the drums are beating and the car horns are blasting.   The Turks certainly know how to enjoy themselves.

I heard a bit of upsetting news the other day, admittedly only second hand.    I have been told that the Dice Bar has been sold and will become the new Coastguard office and jetty for Gocek.    I stress, this is only second hand, but I have heard it from two independent sources – I will report if and when I hear any more.   This will be such  a shame, the Dice Bar has always been a lovely place to sit and drink by the water front….and of course the pool tables will be missed.

The weather is still glorious here – it has been around 23 degrees most days this week although next week the forecast is down to 19 with some showers forecast.   Once the sun goes down, however, it does get pretty chilly – around 8/9 most nights.   Still, I understand when we get back to the UK at the end of next week, this will seem quite mild!!

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