A Life in Göcek

Hi, my name is Val Dickson and my husband Pete and I have been coming to Göcek on holiday since 2001.  We have decided to spend a considerable part of the year in this lovely town and these short articles are a record of some of our experiences in moving from holidaymakers to residents. I can be contacted via email at valandpete.dickson@gmail.com or by mobile on 0539 465 5709

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24th June 2017

It’s very strange.  I am writing this on Saturday and there are fruit and veg stalls in the market place!   The market in Gocek is always on a Sunday so I imagine the stalls are set up today as it’s the start of Bayram – the four day holiday marking the end of Ramadan.   I don’t know where they usually go on a Saturday but obviously they reckon trade may be better in Gocek.   I hope they are right.

The council gardeners have been busy in town this week.   All the dead flowers have been removed from the beds in the centre of the main road and more flowers have been planted. It does look lovely.

It has been a quieter week for us – no dining out so no restaurants to recommend.   However, I do want to mention the shop in Fethiye we use for upholstery, new cushions etc.   We have been going to Orontes Branda for a few years now and have always been delighted with our purchases.   We have just had new cushions made for our sun loungers and as always, they have done a great job.  Pinar who works there speaks good English which is a great help when trying to make decisions about colour, fabrics etc.   It’s on the old road into Fethiye past Gunlukbasi, just before the Petrol Ofisi heading into the town. 

If you are visiting as a family or have families visiting you this summer, you might find this article in Fethiye Times about the Fethiye Adventure Park of interest (CLICK HERE) .   There isn’t a great deal for young people to do in Gocek so this might be worth a visit.

Iyi Bayramlar!!

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