A Life in Göcek

Hi, my name is Val Dickson and my husband Pete and I have been coming to Göcek on holiday since 2001.  We have decided to spend a considerable part of the year in this lovely town and these short articles are a record of some of our experiences in moving from holidaymakers to residents. I can be contacted via email at valandpete.dickson@gmail.com or by mobile on 0539 465 5709

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28th May 2017

Spring has definitely arrived now here in Gocek although I understand the UK weather is pretty good also.   The difference is that ours should last!

We have had a couple of really great experiences this week.

We visited Club Nen (on the seafront by Skopea Marina) to sample the new Indian menu provided by their new chef.   It was fantastic – a choice of korma, balti, madras and a couple of others I can’t remember.   Poppadoms, naan bread, onion bhajis…all the goodies you would expect to see at an Indian restaurant.   The prices are reasonable and it is such a lovely setting, with tables overlooking the rippling Mediterranean.   It’s not just Indian, there is a very comprehensive menu and if everything is the same quality, it’s well worth a visit.

We also had a great day out on a private tour boat called Baran-S (on the seafront about half way down).   It is only three years old, very comfortable and reasonably priced.   There were only seven of us on board, although you could probably get ten comfortably.  It also has three cabins if you fancy an overnighter.   Lunch was excellent, the usual choice of fish or chicken, but well presented with good salad etc.   You can look it up on their website www.baransyachting.com.   The staff were great too.

On the subject of food, we were pleased to see that one of our favourite restaurants last year, the Golge, down on the front past the icecream shack, is being reopened as the Seashell.   We shall go and sample the menu soon but I am delighted that they are still doing their pancakes with chocolate icecream inside – absolutely yummy.

Ramadan has now started here so some of our Turkish friends will be fasting during the daytime.  It must be easier for them now it’s earlier in the year.

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